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The Treffert Center invites individuals, families and communities worldwide to explore the potential of the human mind, focusing on strengths rather than limitations. We seek to preserve, make available and expand the legacy of Darold Treffert, MD, an internationally respected researcher in autism, hyperlexia, savant syndrome and related conditions.

The center offers state-of-the-art comprehensive, multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment of autism, behavior, and communication disorders in children and adults. Treatment includes in-home, center-based and community-based programs.

The Treffert Center Library makes available an international library of books, videos, documentaries, journals, art works and periodicals on autism, savant syndrome, hyperlexia and other types of exceptional brain performance. The library promotes and carries out further research (click here to participate) on these conditions, along with dissemination of reliable information about these conditions for parents, professionals, students, media and general public.

Individuals and families also benefit from all day preschool and after-school experience designed to provide a foundation for a strong mind, body and spirit based on early education focused on play, movement, self-regulation and social understanding, giving children ages three to 12 the opportunity to gain the skills and experience to reach their full potential.

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Speaker Request

The Treffert Center is proud to have a roster of professionals that can speak to a variety of topics such as autism, hyperlexia, savant syndrome, diversity, inclusive environments and mental health to support individuals across the lifespan.  Staff training is also offered.  We honor the living legacy of Darold Treffert, MD, and our Treffert Approach is featured in all presentations. We are available for public and private presentations depending on your target needs. There may be a speaking fee that will be determined upon submission of your request. Requests must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the event. The Treffert Center is a nonprofit service of Agnesian HealthCare. Our providers are featured below.

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Your donations will ensure we continue to expand the life’s work and legacy of Darold Treffert, MD, and the Treffert Center bringing strength based care, happiness and hope to all those that reach to us for guidance.

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Beyond Boundaries of Autism is currently seeking team members to fill various positions, not just clinical.

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Resources for Families

The Treffert Library invites families to explore resources recommended by our multidisciplinary team.

Treffert Center Related Services

Through the relationships we build in the communities we serve, we are proud to provide a comprehensive toolbox for all families, as well as diagnostic and treatment services, for families overcoming autism and other challenges.

Treffert Way

Treffert Way for the Exceptional Mind is a K-6 community-engaged public charter school in the North Fond du Lac School District. 

Treffert Publications

Treffert Publications

Hyperlexia Manual: A Guide to Children Who Read Early, Mellowing and Recollections - Own a copy for your home, school or office library.

Treffert Library

The Treffert Library features the life works of Dr. Treffert, helping to foster research and knowledge across the autism and savant syndrome spectrum and other forms of exceptional brain performance. 

Upcoming Treffert Center Events

The Treffert Center offers programming throughout the year to complement its services, while also growing the awareness of autism, hyperlexia and savant syndrome.