Emergency Care

Services at any of Agnesian HealthCare's three Emergency Departments are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with care provided by in-house emergency physicians and nurses.

If you are suffering from an emergency medical condition, you will receive treatment to stabilize or address your condition. You will receive these services even if you do not have insurance coverage. No person will be denied treatment based on their ability to pay.

Our three emergency departments now offer emergent teleneurology coverage which allows for rapid, real-time neurology consults when most needed - for stroke patients being evaluated for tPA administration, for other adult neurological emergencies, as well as emergencies arising in the hospital requiring an urgent neurologist consultation. Neurologists specialize in disorders of the brain, spine and central nervous system.



Emergency Services

Ripon Medical Center

(920) 748-3101

St. Agnes Hospital

(920) 929-2300

Waupun Memorial Hospital

(920) 324-5581