We help children with autism, and others that present with challenging behaviors, to maximize their independence, and manage their behaviors to be successful in their homes, schools, employment and communities. We currently serve more than 15 counties in Wisconsin, from Fond du Lac to Green Bay to LaCrosse. We continue to expand our service area.

Overview of Agnesian Beyond Boundaries of Autism Services

We are committed to providing high-quality, relationship-based behavioral treatment services to individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and their families.

Key points about our services: 

  • We build a trusting relationship with child and family.
  • We start with what the child can do and build on those skills.
  • We use a child's ability to "play" to help them meet their goals.
  • We have insight into what the child needs using assessment tools and our past experience.
  • We set individual goals for every child, as we know each child is unique.
  • We are a Registered Forward Health Behavioral Treatment Provider.
  • We are contracted with private insurers and several counties to provide services.
  • We can provide in-service opportunities for schools, counties or parent groups on all aspects of autism and challenging behaviors.

Our Process

  1. Parents contact us for initial assessment.
  2. We will guide you on next steps: including funding source and need for referral.
  3. If child is eligible for verified funding, then we will schedule a home visit with lead therapist.
  4. Parent will decide if we are the preferred provider.
  5. If we are selected, prior authorization process will begin to include release of information to schools and other clinicians.
  6. Child must have well-child physical dated within the past year.
  7. We will contact child's provider to pursue prescription for treatment.

Why Choose Us


  • Understand the need for developing a trusting relationship with a child before placing demands.
  • Respond to the child's growth and immediately modifies the goals.
  • Include family members in therapeutic goals, which includes parents, siblings and other extended family.
  • Make the experience joyful, not just goal-oriented.
  • Understand the need for sensory support and movement for all children. (We like to play!)
  • Are are one of only a handful of agencies certified to practice the Early Start Denver Model.

Our Team

Our team features behavioral treatment therapists including board-certified behavior analysts, licensed professional counselors, clinical social workers, master’s level special education teachers and Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) certified practitioners. Many of our therapists have more than 20 years of experience working with autism.

As members of Agnesian HealthCare, our team also has access to speech and occupational therapists, as well as mental health specialists. Our behavioral treatment technicians receive extensive training in ABA, ESDM, behavioral supports, play-based interventions and natural environment teaching. 

Darold Treffert, MD, world-renowned expert on savants and hyperlexia, partners with us as a mentor and consultant.



Patient Forms

Feel free to print these forms and complete them at your convenience, and then bring with you to your appointment.

Patient Testimonial

“We have been thrilled to have the therapists in our home working with our son. The therapists have been supportive and loving to our son as if they were part of his family!" - Brenda Gross, Mother

We need you!

Beyond Boundaries of Autism is currently seeking team members to fill various positions, not just clinical.

Behavioral Health Services

Agnesian HealthCare has long been recognized as a leader in providing quality care for members of our community with psychological and addictive concerns.

Treffert Clinic offers evaluation & diagnosis services

We use a child-centered, multi-disciplinary, accommodating and compassionate process to ensure that children and their families are given the attention that they need for a successful evaluation.