Treffert Library

The Treffert Library features the life works of Dr. Treffert, helping to foster research and knowledge across the autism and savant syndrome spectrum and other forms of exceptional brain performance.  The library offers a unique worldwide collection of past research materials on autism, savant syndrome, and hyperlexia and related conditions, and a present day center to continue ongoing research projects.  The library provides stimulation for and coordination of future research projects globally on all forms of exceptional brain performance and human potential.

Join us on our journey!

  • Meet Dr. Treffert in our brand new space
  • Participate in once-in-a-lifetime webcasts with guests from all over the world
  • Access Dr. Treffert’s personal library on fascinating topics, such as savant syndrome
  • Make full use of our resources and services to conduct research
  • Relax and enjoy the savant art from Dr. Treffert’s collection and learn about the amazing artists, including Stephen Wiltshire
  • Listen to the musical talents of savants, such as Leslie Lemke
  • Attend innovative programs to explore the potential within us all

Explore our collections

Welcome to the Treffert Library - a place that encourages everyone to think about the potential within us all.

In addition to the savant artwork and physical collections, we are working on digital collections as well - check back often to see our progress and learn more about Dr. Treffert and his legacy.


371 E. First Street

Fond du Lac, WI 54935

The library is currently open by appointment.  Please call (920) 907-3987 to let us know you would like to visit and make in-house use of our resources.

Treffert Center

The Treffert Center invites individuals, families and communities worldwide to explore the potential of the human mind, focusing on strengths rather than limitations.

Treffert Library Catalog

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Upcoming Treffert Center Events

The Treffert Center offers programming throughout the year to complement its services, while also growing the awareness of autism, hyperlexia and savant syndrome.