What is urinary incontinence?

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Written by: Steven Sheppard, DO

Urinary incontinence (UI) is the loss of urine control. You may not being able to hold your urine until you can reach a restroom. It may be a short-term problem caused by another health issue. Or it may be a long-term problem that you’ll have to manage. UI can range from a slight loss of urine to severe, frequent wetting.

Fear of wetting yourself can keep you from enjoying activities with your family and friends. Incontinence during sex can cause great stress.

UI is not a normal part of aging, but it is common in older people.

Symptoms of UI can range from dribbling urine to not having any control over it to being unable to pass urine at all. UI is also linked to frequent bladder infections.

For people with urinary incontinence, the most important step is talking to a health care provider about the problem.

Treatment depends on the severity of symptoms and the type of incontinence. It can include things like bladder training, special exercises, medicines, and even surgery in severe cases.

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