Spiritual care during cancer treatment

Agnesian Cancer Care
Spiritual Care during cancer treatment

Written by: Ann P Sorgent RN, BSN  Clinical Supervisor with the Agnesian Cancer Center

The Agnesian Cancer Center is blessed to serve patients and their families with the help of Sister Julia, part of the Spiritual Care Services team at Agnesian HealthCare. S. Julia is the chaplain assigned to the Agnesian Cancer Center, as well as to St. Francis Home and St. Agnes Hospital.

S. Julia’s interest in caring for cancer patients began when she was serving as an elementary school principal. One of her co-workers was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and S. Julia became the transporter, support person and confidant during her friend’s journey through treatment.  She then took advanced training in Spiritual Care, and found that her interest in supporting cancer patients continued to be strong.

S. Julia encourages associates working at the Agnesian Cancer Center to see her as a member of the team providing holistic care and support to all patients entering the center. The research she reads indicates that the future site for spiritual care support is in clinics such as the Agnesian Cancer Center due to shorter hospital stays.  According to S. Julia, “Many patients or families may not think of themselves as having spiritual distress, but a Spiritual Care professional can discuss a whole gamut of issues, keeping confidential any sacred conversations that may occur.”

If you have questions about the role of the Spiritual Care Services department, or wish to speak with a member of the team, contact S. Julia through the Agnesian Cancer Center nursing or social work associates.


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