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Shelly Haberman
Bryce Daane

For the past 16 years, Bryce Daane, 24, of Brandon, has been effectively managing his type 1 diabetes helping him to lead a healthy life as an agriculture teacher and preparing for his upcoming wedding to fiancée, Abby.

“I was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was eight years old,” Bryce says. “I was always extremely thirsty and fatigued, and, needed to use the restroom frequently. At the same time, I went to school with another student who was having the same symptoms and had been recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.”

Bryce began insulin therapy five to six injections of insulin per day. He also checked his blood sugar levels three to four times a day.

When Bryce turned 14, he explored moving to an insulin pump. He quickly found that this new device was easier to use, less invasive, and offered more options to find what worked best for him.

Bryce works collaboratively today with Manish Sharda, MD, Waupun family medicine, and Amy Burmesch, PA-C, endocrinology, to monitor and develop care plans.

The Agnesian Health Shoppe also helps Bryce maintain needed supplies.

“Every two to three months, I get a call from the Agnesian Health Shoppe reminding me it’s time to refill my prescription medications as well as insulin pump supplies,” Bryce says. “The Agnesian Health Shoppe team is so helpful and friendly, and their reminders are extremely valuable.

Bryce is finding great success in utilizing all his available resources. “My A1C test when I started was 10 percent, but now has dropped to 8.6 percent showing that we are more effectively managing my blood sugar levels.”

For a complete listing of all diabetes services available at the Agnesian Health Shoppe, visit

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