Postpartum depression is common, help is close by.

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Having a baby brings a mix of emotions including feeling excited, scared and overwhelmed. Some women experience more intense feelings, which could be signs of postpartum depression.

Signs to watch for include:

· Feeling foggy and having difficulty completing tasks

· Feeling “robotic” or like you are just going through the motions

· Feeling guilty or like you are failing at being a mom

· Feeling scared or panicky for no real reason

· Feeling so unhappy that you have difficulty sleeping

· Feeling sad, unable to enjoy things, unable to see the funny side of things

If you are experiencing these signs, it is important to take special care of yourself. This includes eating healthy, asking for help in caring for your baby from your partner or family, and contacting your health care provider or a mental health professional. Postpartum Support International, a helpline that can connect you with resources in your area, can be contacted at (800) 944-4773.

If you are experiencing the following, it is important that you contact help immediately:

· Feeling hopeless and total despair

· Feeling out of touch with reality (seeing or hearing things others don’t)

· Feeling that you may hurt yourself or your baby

If you have these symptoms, get help now by calling 9-1-1 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at (800) 273-TALK (8255); they offer confidential emotional support for more than just suicide.

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