Know Your Numbers

Shelly Haberman
Donna Jost

For Donna Jost, 68, of Fond du Lac, keeping up on her overall health and well-being has always been a priority. While raising a family and working full time at Consultants Laboratory, Donna stayed on top of her health, keeping all in check, thanks to regular visits to her health care provider.

Since her retirement, she continues to monitor her overall health - whether blood pressure, blood sugar, body weight, cholesterol and more - with her primary care provider, Radhika Raj, MD, internal medicine.

With all wellness check being covered annually through Medicare, Donna takes advantage of this opportunity.

“If these numbers get too high, individuals are likely to have heart disease and other health conditions,” says Dr. Raj. “Getting their numbers checked regularly and knowing what they mean is a great first step toward better health. It helps them take control of their own health, and live a healthier, happier life.”

In addition to regular health checkups, Donna takes time to enhance her health through activities like yoga, exercise classes, healthy cooking, time with grandchildren and book clubs. She also learns about healthy eating by attending WW (formerly Weight Watchers) meetings.

“I enjoy maintaining an active lifestyle,” Donna says, “and there are so many ways that a person can take the necessary steps to stay healthy. I hope that the measures I take to stay healthy are instilled in my children and grandchildren as we spend time together doing fun activities and explore new and different avenues to achieve good health.”

Primary care providers can help establish healthy behaviors. To find a provider, visit

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