"Kick Butt" with Breakfast

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Closeup on grain oats and oatmeal with fruits

Closeup on grain oats and oatmeal with fruits

Written by: Susie Riek, APNP, Agnesian Work & Wellness

Our days are busy, we work hard. With high octane fuel in our tanks, we can get the energy we need. Here's how:

  1.  Choose whole grains - Oatmeal and oat based cold cereals are best. Look for "steel cut," muesli and Kashi brand. No instant oatmeal - it's loaded with sugar.
  2.  Read labels - Cereal with >5g fiber, <300mg sodium and <10g sugar per serving is what to shoot for. The daily requirement for fiber is about 30g.
  3.  Include high quality lean protein - Greek yogurt has more protein than regular yogurt. Eggs scrambled with leftover roasted veggies is so fast and easy. Almond butter on toast, low-fat cottage cheese sprinkled with sunflower seeds are a great option.
  4. Reach for whole fruit! Variety is key.
  5. Say NO to fast food breakfasts and sugar laden donuts and muffins.
  6. Make a smoothie, or 2 or 3. Drink one and freeze the others for later in the week.
C'mon, try it for a week. Be amazed!

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