Gratitude Practice To Refresh Your Soul

Janelle Baldwin
Be Thankful

During the business of the holiday season coming…please take time, each day to write down 3 things you are grateful and or thankful for each day.  Focus on what you are doing right, good choices and positive things to fuel you for the next month.  This is a good practice to improve your mood and how you feel, even if something isn’t right at this moment…focus can change as you change – but don’t focus on the negative things, focus on how far you have come!  Have the attitude of gratitude…Journaling is also a great practice to get into with your family…maybe at the dinner table; everyone can share something that they are grateful for; thankful for; proud of or was the best part of their day…it will bring positivity to your meal.  This is a perfect time to start this practice with Thanksgiving coming up quickly!

Having that positive mentality of gratitude will help your mind, body and your soul… and making mealtime an enjoyable experience…taking the stress of the day and tossing it out!  Helping everyone focus positively.  We all have stuff wrong with us, and it’s hard to have that always pointed out and then expect change…let’s focus on and build on what is good…and fuel the biochemical activity of the body that way…verses with the hormones of stress and negativity!

When you do this, you will feel better and want to be better…exercise will be a natural part of that progression for you.  You should be grateful that you can move, be active and work on your body…many with advanced disease or illness would be grateful to be you…to be able to walk, lift a weight and sweat!

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