‘Got My Snap Back’

Shelly Haberman
Lee Brice

Lee Brice, 65, a Kingston resident, is not one to sit still. She will admit that the moment you meet her. Always on the go - whether gardening, yardwork, quilting, crocheting or putting together puzzles and more - Lee is not one to sit idle.

So, when she was facing pain, she knew who to turn to for help - first with Leesa McShane, APNP, nurse practitioner, and then Jeffrey Meincke, MD, orthopedic surgeon. Since 2016, she has had several surgical procedures with Dr. Meincke.

Lee has navigated surgical solutions with both providers for her shoulder, thumbs and back. “In these situations, the pain was interfering with my lifestyle and keeping me away from what I like to do,” Lee recalls. “The constant aches and self-medications to help manage grew more difficult, and I was able to turn to these trusted providers for help.”

When appropriate, Lee received steroid injections and therapy to reduce the pain and discomfort, but when surgery was the next step, Dr. Meincke was there.

“I tease Dr. Meincke that he is like my slightly younger brother,” Lee chuckles. “He has always been realistic with me encouraging me when my recovery was going slower than I originally expected. He has kept me on track, as well as the entire team caring for me within Agnesian HealthCare.”

She recalls the compassionate care she has received through all procedures. “The team is amazing,” Lee says. “They know me by name. I don’t feel like a number. They answer all my questions and personalize the care they provide. For example, during my last surgery, I asked if I need anesthesia. They listened to me and accommodated my request.”

Despite past pain, much attributed to arthritis, Lee is grateful. “When I came with my thumb concerns, my hands were like paddles. I couldn’t grip, and it was painful doing my crafts. Thanks to my two thumb procedures, I am pain-free and can snap my fingers again. It’s incredible!”

Therapy services - whether occupational, physical or speech - are available at multiple locations to help with recovery. Visit agnesian.com/therapy for details.

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