Goodbye Seasonal Allergies

Shelly Haberman
Matthew Vellema

Matthew Vellema, 40, of Waupun, grew up in the farming industry and is now the fourth-generation owner of his family farm, Vellema Farms, LLC. Carrying on the farming tradition, working 14 to 16 hour days isn’t uncommon for Matt. When he and his wife, Tracy, welcomed their son, Blake, Matt decided to slow his life down to be more present in the lives of the ones he loves.

Through routine care at the Fond du Lac Regional Clinic in Waupun with Rick Parish, PA-C, family medicine, Matt was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in his early 30s. Matt was referred to Punit Kumar, MD, internal medicine, for further treatment of this newfound diagnosis. Under Dr. Kumar’s care, Matt manages his diabetes through insulin treatment.

Moving forward in life, managing his diabetes, Matt was still acutely affected by seasonal allergies and hay fever - something that he’s struggled with since childhood. It wasn’t until Matt was involved in a farming accident, where he severely broke his nose, that he realized how badly he felt because of the allergies he could not rid of. Following two months of recovery, Matt was still experiencing sinus pressure and poor sinus drainage and realized he needed to seek medical assistance to correct the damage.

Matt turned to John Nash, MD, otolaryngology (ear, nose & throat), for help. Dr. Nash assessed Matt’s nose and sinuses and recommended surgery to improve nasal airflow and sinus drainage. Post-surgery, Matt felt immediate relief and was thrilled with the results.

“Because of Dr. Nash, I feel much better than I have my whole life,” says Matt. The majority of Matt’s congestion and allergy symptoms also improved - something that Matt thought would never be possible. “To me, he is a miracle doctor,” Matt says. “Dr. Nash is passionate about what he does. He has a true gift for helping people.”

“Living with sinus concerns can impact many aspects of day-to-day living,” Dr. Nash says. “By creating individualized treatment plans with patients, we are able to significantly improve these symptoms and concerns through a variety of therapies and procedures.”

To learn more, visit, or call your primary care provider or Otolaryngology at (920) 926-8460.

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