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Lance Shiniger

Like many cancer patients, Lance Schiniger, a 65-yearold Waupun resident, has left a loving impression on Agnesian Cancer Center staff following successful prostate cancer treatment.

“Lance is very kind,” says Annice Klapperich, a registered nurse who works with Filip Troicki, MD, radiation oncologist. “Our staff really loved being around Lance while he received care from our team.”

Thanks to Lance’s ongoing partnership with his primary care provider, Janette Drews, APNP, a routine exam showed that his PSA levels were elevated.

“I have a family history of prostate cancer on my father’s side,” Lance explains. “So we have always kept an eye on that. I am blessed that my father lived to be 91 years old.”

From there, Lance sought care from Christopher Tuveson, MD, urologist. A biopsy confirmed that Lance needed treatment for prostate cancer. However, due to an underlying health condition – inflammatory neuropathy - surgery was not recommended.

That’s when Dr. Troicki stepped in. After completing his radiation treatments, Lance’s PSA numbers returned to normal levels.

Since then, Lance continues with follow-up visits every three months, and just graduated to a sixth month checkup schedule as his PSA numbers have continued to be very low.

“As an active male and stubborn husband, heading to an annual exam wasn’t top of my list,” Lance says, “but the care I have received from Jan, the lab, urology and the cancer center has helped to keep me alive and living my best life with those I love. I am following my motto - family, faith and fun - and loving every minute.”

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