Care That’s Second-to-None

Shelly Haberman
Donald Wackett

Donald Wackett, 80, of Fox Lake, loves to stay busy through various activities, and that is not difficult with his five daughters, nine grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. From fishing, to mowing lawn, to car rides, to spending time with family, he is accustomed to a busy lifestyle.

His hectic life only continued to develop when he suffered a stroke 10 years ago and experienced many heart episodes in the following years. Whether it was his heart going into atrial fibrillation or experiencing significant heart palpitations, it quickly began to interfere with his daily life.

Through routine care with Rick Parish, PA-C, family medicine, in conjunction with the Anticoagulation Management Clinic, Donald was referred to Richard Santa-Cruz, MD, interventional cardiologist.

“Donald was a great candidate to undergo a WATCHMAN heart procedure, which secures an implant within the heart to limit the chance of blood clotting,” according to Dr. Santa-Cruz. Because Donald felt that he had always received second-to-none care, he was confident with the Dale Michels Center for Heart Care. “Each member of that team was caring, informative and patient,” Donald says.

Following the procedure, Donald stayed one night in the hospital. Since undergoing his WATCHMAN implant procedure, Donald has noticed that his health and quality of life has improved, and he is back to living his busy lifestyle.

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