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What actually is an assistive device? An assistive device is any device that helps someone do something that they might not otherwise be able to do well or at all. Generally the term is used for devices that help people overcome a handicap such as a mobility, vision, mental, dexterity or hearing loss. It is any device that is designed, made, or adapted to assist a person perform a particular task or activity. They may help you move around, see, communicate, eat or get dressed.

Many types of assistive devices help people with disabilities perform such tasks as cooking, dressing and grooming. Kitchen devices are available with large, cushioned grips to help people with weakness or arthritis in their hands. Medication dispensers with alarms can help people remember to take their medicine on time. People with physical disabilities that affect movement can use mobility aids to enhance their mobility such as a cane used on the opposite side of a painful knee or hip makes walking easier. People who have limited mobility can use extendable reaching devices called reachers. Reachers are long rods with a grip handle on one end and pincers (like a claw, used to grab) on the other. They let you pick up small objects without having to bend over or reach uncomfortably. Other options include padded insoles or comfortable orthopedic shoes which can help ease painful feet. Barriers in the home can be removed or modified to improve accessibility and safety. Such modifications include ramps and grab bars. Braces and splints provide support to joints and decrease strain. Lift chairs make it easier to get in and out of your seat.

The Agnesian Health Shoppe has a wide variety of assistive devices and can special order too if needed. Please stop in and our associates will be happy to talk with you and find that assistive device that will make all the difference.

During the month of December all Lift chairs are 25% off, Dr. Comfort Shoes are 25% off and stair lifts are $100 off. The Agnesian Health Shoppe is located at 327 Winnebago Drive in Fond du Lac. You can call us at (920) 926-5277 or visit


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