AHC Foundation helps support Samaritan Health Clinic patients during cold temps

Shelly Haberman
winter coat

Many of us take for granted having a warm coat to put on when Wisconsin temperatures begin to drop. But, for many individuals that utilize the Samaritan Health Clinic at Agnesian HealthCare, a member of SSM Health, a warm coat could be exactly what they need to help stay comfortable and healthy during tough Wisconsin winters.

That is something the Samaritan Health Clinic team is very much aware of, and they recently reached out to the Agnesian HealthCare Foundation to help get funding to make this happen for those individuals and families the clinic serves each year.

As a result, the Agnesian HealthCare Foundation provided funding for the Samaritan Health Clinic to acquire 50 coats, along with gloves and hats.

“We have seen a growing number of patients who need warm outerwear, especially for hard to find sizes,” according to Kathy Donahue, CSW, community care specialist and certified application counselor with the Samaritan Health Clinic. “These coats will be available through our SAM’s closet ready for the upcoming winter season, along with other personal care need supplies that our clients frequently are without.”

It was an easy decision for the Agnesian HealthCare Foundation to support this effort.

“As a faith-based ministry, it is part of our mission to help the underserved by serving others as shared in the gospel of Luke - where much is given, much is given,” says Michelle Ries, Agnesian HealthCare Foundation director. “It is important to provide the immediate need of warmth from the inclement Wisconsin winter. Once we are deeper in the winter months, coats tend to become scarcer for agencies to provide and just getting to these agencies is a barrier. We’re happy to be part of this solution.”

The Agnesian HealthCare Foundation is a charitable tax-exempt organization, and exists to accept, acknowledge and invest charitable gifts to help meet the health needs of the people in our communities. All funds stay local. To learn more, call (920) 926-4959.

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