10 ways to manage stress…and lose weight!

Janelle Baldwin
Mindfulness and stress management

Stress does a lot of crummy stuff to our bodies.  It all starts in our minds and how we perceive a situation; how we deal with it and how resilient we are to change when it comes along.  Stress dumps chemicals into our body.  We often associate food with comfort which leads to a cycle of guilt and shame and continued poor eating habits. We feel we deserve to sit around and have a pity party or we refuse to move because we are just tired of "it."  When you found out what “it” is let me know…"it is much like a Yeti…legend but never really seen and documented other than in urban legend.

Here are some ways that you can manage your stress and lose weight!

  1. ZIP IT! Don’t beat yourself up, be positive!
  2. Get support from a role model or healthy hero.
  3. Get rid of clutter around the house.
  4. Be anxious for nothing like the Bible teaches…don’t latch onto useless emotion that robs time and energy!
  5. Talk to someone. A trainer to work through exercise struggles or a peer to be a workout buddy.
  6. Think before you REACT…impulse gets us into trouble.
  7. Expect to fail sometimes, not every day is a mountain top experience.
  8. Express your needs and don’t hold things in.
  9. Get adequate sleep! Yes, sleep off the weight. 
  10. Realize that stress is to prompt us to take action and make a change, deal with a situation or move out of a situation. Stress that is pent up becomes stress out of control, and manifests in the body as a headache, irritability, stomach and intestinal issues just to name a few!

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