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At Agnesian HealthCare, our patients are our friends. Our desire to help, heal and comfort our neighbors comes from a deep compassion for our community and the people in it. We are dedicated to treating everyone in all stages of life because at the end of the day, every life is precious.

In the News

Go Home the Next Day Knee Replacement

“In November 2016, Tim Haack had his knee replaced with Dr. Bryan Royce. After years of living with knee pain, he decided that it was time to have surgery. Because of his age and enthusiastic attitude towards rehabilitation, Tim was a great candidate to go home the day after surgery.”

Meet Our Team

Sameer Gupta, MD

Nephrologist, Agnesian HealthCare

As a nephrologist, Dr. Gupta sees patients with kidney-related illnesses and helps them effectively manage their healthcare needs.