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Digital Mammography

Thanks to the latest technology, women utilizing services throughout Agnesian HealthCare have access to the latest screening tools for early detection of breast cancer through state-of-the-art digital mammography. Digital mammography units are available at Ripon Medical Center, St. Agnes Hospital and Waupun Memorial Hospital. While traditional film mammography is very good, digital mammography provides better and more detailed images for a significant number of women. The digital system also provides the largest field of view currently available, which can be extremely helpful for precision imaging of patients with diverse shapes and sizes.

Mammograms are among the best early detection methods. An estimated 211,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States each year, making it the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women.

The goal is to have mammography results to patients with in 24-hours of exam.  


Stereotactic Biopsy

A stereotactic biopsy is used to take samples from a lump that cannot be felt during a breast exam, but can be seen on a mammogram or an ultrasound. Stereotactic biopsy finds the exact location of a breast lump or suspicious area by using a computer and mammogram results to create a 3-dimensional (3D) picture of the breast. A sample of tissue is removed with a needle that is guided to the right area using the 3D picture.

For more information on breast biopsy, visit our health library by clicking here.


Breast Health Coordinators

The words breast cancer can ignite a variety of emotions when a woman hears them from her healthcare provider. There are unanswered questions, unknown treatments and an uncertain future. But women facing a breast cancer diagnosis are able to find support and strength to help cope with this disease. Kay Groeschl, RN, and Stephanie Ditter, RN, serve as  breast health coordinators at St. Agnes Hospital. They work in conjunction with Patti Domask, RN, who serves patients of Ripon Medical Center and Waupun Memorial Hospital. 

Breast health coordinators work together with all providers so treatments are efficiently coordinated and minimize the stress to patient and family. They educate, facilitate, advocate and coordinate. But more than that, they go beyond the illness. These women are people women get to know, and they are with them every step of the way doing what they can.

The breast health coordinators help answer questions; accompany women on provider visits and during procedures; give updates; and provide comfort, empathy and compassion. 

Call one of our breast health coordinators in Fond du Lac at (920) 926-4116 or (920) 926-6547; or in Ripon or Waupun at (920) 324-6541.


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