Genetic Testing

We offer a cancer risk assessment that focuses on personal and family history, environmental and lifestyle factors, and genetics. The assessment evaluation, which includes counseling services, is directed toward individuals and family members who may be at an increased risk for hereditary cancer. The consultative services are provided by a nurse practitioner (who works in coordination with medical oncologists) with advanced education in cancer genetics, hereditary cancer patterns and genetic testing resources. 

An initial visit is usually 60 to 90 minutes in length and includes:

  • Assessment based on personal medical and/or cancer history
  • Risk assessment using computer-generated risk models
  • In-depth review of family history of cancer for hereditary patterns
  • Identification and coordination of genetic testing services if available and appropriate
  • Discussion of cancer genetics research programs if available and appropriate

Additional follow-up 30 to 60 minutes in length and include:

  • Disclosure and discussion of any genetic testing results
  • Recommendations for strategies to decrease cancer risk
  • Coordination of specialty physician referrals as appropriate
  • Genetic counseling appointments are covered by most insurance plans. Check with your insurance carrier first.