Domestic Violence Services

Our Domestic Violence Services program was created in 1994 by the collaboration of the Fond du Lac Medical Society Alliance and St. Agnes Hospital. There was a need in the community for active advocacy within the healthcare system. The program began as an educational hospital-based program but has now evolved over time into a clinical-based, community and hospital encompassing set of services. The program also partners with other community anti-violence programs such as Solutions Center and ASTOP. The Domestic Violence Program is also a member of the Fond du Lac Coordinated Community Response Team (CCR) and the CCR subcommittees of the Domestic Abuse Response Team (DART) and Prevention Education Committee (PEC).

Our Mission

Our team aims to provide support and education to families of domestic violence through advocacy, counseling, and treatment programs. The program is committed to empower families in rebuilding healthy relationships and raise community awareness of the effects of domestic violence through education and collaboration of community resources. 

Our Vision

We envision a community where domestic violence is not tolerated. To achieve this vision we will:

  • provide education to health care associates to identify victims of abuse and create environments safe for victims to disclose
  • provide crisis intervention, counseling, and supportive services, to victims and families of abuse
  • hold offenders accountable for their behavior and teach alternatives to abuse
  • increase community awareness and prevention education on domestic violence
  • collaborate with providers to maintain services for families and prevention education for the community

Our Services

  • Legal advocacy
  • Medical advocacy
  • Case management
  • Counseling/therapy
  • Safety planning
  • Support groups
  • State Certified Batterer’s Treatment Program
  • Prevention education
  • Internship program

Events and Group Information

Internship Opportunities

We offer opportunities to help provide support to victims of domestic violence and to assist our associates with duties as requested. The role of interns varies based on the needs of the program. Interns will typically have the opportunity to shadow associates, experience giving community presentations, and observing support groups. 

ASTOP: Sexual Abuse Center

Serving Fond du Lac, Green Lake and Waushara Counties. ASTOP is a sexual assault service provider offering treatment, outreach, prevention, and advocacy, emphasizing hope and connection to self and others.