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“When you walk through our doors, you become part of our family. We will accompany you & your loved ones through the journey.”-Betsy M.

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Nurse Practitioners


The Chemo Suite

The Agnesian Cancer Center offers a modern chemotherapy suite with nine semi-private infusion chairs, two private rooms, and three  beds.  


On-Site Laboratory

For patient convenience, the Agnesian Cancer Center offers laboratory services on its premises. Your cancer doctor may order a variety of blood tests during and after your treatments, and the results of these tests may dictate your cancer care. 

By having the laboratory at the Cancer Center location, your doctor can respond to any hint of abnormal results quickly and efficiently, thereby addressing potential problems before they occur.   

On-Site Pharmacist

The Agnesian Cancer Center is one of the few free-standing Cancer Centers in the country that has a full-time pharmacist on the premises.  We are very fortunate to have a dedicated oncology pharmacist at the Agnesian Cancer Center.  This pharmacist makes sure that the right chemotherapy dose is given for each patient and makes any adjustments necessary based on different weight, height, and laboratory findings.  This level of detail and precision assure our patients correct chemotherapy treatments, while at the same time limiting unnecessary side effects. 

Cancer Care Services

Agnesian Cancer Care brings cancer care closer to cancer patients.

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Looking for medical record information?

Do you need information from your last hospital or clinic visit?  

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Spiritual Care Services

The ministry of Spiritual Care focuses on the spiritual and emotional well-being of patients, family members and associates.

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