Joe Kemp, MD

Joe Kemp

Growing up, my father was a high school teacher and coach. I always loved sports, teaching and caring for other people. Being an orthopedic surgeon with a niche towards sports medicine allows me to do all those things I loved and dreamed of doing as a child. Being able to help others is unbelievably fulfilling, and doing so in a city like Fond du Lac is truly a dream come true. My philosophy of care is to do my absolute best to take care of each and every patient. When I am with a patient, they are the most important person in the world to me at that given time. I will try my best to give them my full and undivided attention. Working with the orthopedic team at Agnesian HealthCare, we provide “big city” care in a small town atmosphere. Having lived in Fond du Lac for 20 years, I feel like I know everyone, thus I, and we as an organization, can provide more personalized care.

Read what his patients are saying: "Dr Kemp is attentive to my needs, down-to-earth, and will always be my doctor of choice!"

"My appointment was a positive experience, per usual! Dr. Kemp took time to talk with me to explain, in good detail, his thoughts on my knee." 


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Orthopedic Surgery

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