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Lucky Wurtz has a long history as a high school boys’ basketball coach. He is currently the head coach at Kimberly High School where he teaches biology. The Mayville native lives in Appleton. 

Well known in the area and the state for his ability to coach winning teams, Lucky also went on to create a “winning” family of basketball players with his wife Judy, a native of Fond du Lac. All of their children have become accomplished basketball competitors. All have had their share of basketball injuries. Dr. Kemp has treated them all.

“He’s become our family’s trusted physician and friend through the years,” Lucky says. “He’s got a great bedside manner - is easy to talk to and explains things so well. He’s always very reassuring that things will be OK.”  

Reassurance from your family’s orthopedic physician is crucial when you have a son who needs to have both shoulders reconstructed… or a daughter with hip injuries... or another son with a broken foot and ankle injuries.

A common thread began to weave through their lives way back when Lucky Wurtz and Joe Kemp were college students at UW-Oshkosh. “I knew of Lucky then,” Dr. Kemp says. “My dad was head basketball coach at Oshkosh Lourdes at the time and was aware of Lucky’s skill on the basketball court. Lucky also knew of my dad as a coach.”

Lucky started to refer injured players to Dr. Kemp during the 1990s while coaching at Laconia.

“When you develop that kind of relationship, that’s what being a physician is all about,” Dr. Kemp says. “It’s more than just taking care of their injuries.”

A Family Affair

Ana, Lucky’s oldest daughter, played basketball at Fond du Lac and Laconia high schools and then went on to play at Winona State College in Minnesota where she now coaches and teaches. “Ana had hip injuries playing college basketball and traveled back to Fond du Lac to see Dr. Kemp for that,” Lucky says. “He treated her with shots, but she didn’t require any surgery. She’s fine now.”

The next oldest, son Aris, played basketball at Waupun High School and became a star player at Ripon College where he was the Division 3 Player of the Year - a national honor. Now in law school, Aris suffered a broken foot and ankle injuries during high school

Dylan, who plays basketball at UW-Oshkosh where he’s a senior economics major, had two shoulder surgeries under the skilled hands of Dr. Kemp. “He repaired both of them arthroscopically,” Lucky says, noting the surgeries were performed a year apart.

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