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Over the last three years, Zimmerman has had two hip replacements and a shoulder replacement at Ripon Medical Center. She knows, better than most people, that the hard work of recovery begins after a joint replacement. That’s why she was thrilled when she found out that she could continue her recovery at Ripon Medical Center after her 2013 hip replacement surgery. 

“Someone asked me, ‘Why don’t you go to a rehab hospital after your surgery?’ and right away I thought, Oh no. I’m not going to a nursing home!” Zimmerman recalls. “Then someone at Ripon Medical Center told me, ‘We have a new program called Swing Bed. You stay in your room - they don’t even move you to a different room unless they absolutely need your room - and you have your therapy several times a day.’”

“The swing bed program is a good option for individuals, like Judy, who are not quite ready to go home but are doing well from a medical perspective,” according to Bradley Eisenberg, DO, a Ripon Medical Center hospitalist who cared for Zimmerman. “Overall, it helps patients gain the strength and confidence they need once they go home so they can safely navigate their way around their home.”

“I could stay, get my therapy three times a day and still get a good meal and go to sleep when I needed to rest, instead of having somebody haul me there and back over and over,” Zimmerman says. “It was nice, because I was able to take naps when I was exhausted. Because of that, I think I progressed much faster than I would have otherwise. My hip is good enough that I’ll be back on the golf course this summer.”

Swing bed services are available to qualified Medicare patients following a hospital stay of at least three days. Agnesian HealthCare offers swing bed services at Ripon Medical Center and Waupun Memorial Hospital.

To learn more about the swing bed program in Ripon, call (920) 748-9134 or Waupun at (920) 324-6520. 

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