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Mother of Five Praises Plastic Surgeon, likes her new look

In early 2013, she had a tummy tuck to reduce the size of her abdomen and liposuction. She had all of it done during a scheduled hysterectomy at St. Agnes Hospital. 

When fibroid tumors formed in Olson’s uterus and heavy menstrual periods ensued, she was urged to have a complete hysterectomy. She scheduled surgery with Brita McCullough, MD, an obstetrician/gynecologist with Agnesian HealthCare.

It seemed the perfect time to coordinate it with the tummy tuck she had contemplated for years.

“Jill was medically in need of a hysterectomy,” according to Dr. McCullough.“When she asked me to collaborate with Dr. Schaefer, we were able to plan the procedure to accommodate her gynecologic needs and attain the cosmetic outcome she desired.”

Dr. Schaefer adds. “After multiple pregnancies, Jill’s abdominal muscles and skin were very lax despite the fact she kept her weight under control through the years. As for the liposuction, the hips were another area of concern for Jill. The timing was right since Jill was done having kids, was active, had good weight control and was planning on having gynecological surgery. She decided to piggyback the two cosmetic procedures at the same time.” 

Going into surgery, Olson weighed 142 pounds. Just two months later she was in the 120s. Part of the weight loss was the removal of large fibroid tumors that had caused her uterus to grow to the size of a three-month pregnant woman. The other part was her longtime knowledge of sensible weight management.

Olson is thrilled with the results. “I can wear clothes that fit closer to my body now, like I did before I had kids. My out-of-proportion tummy is gone. I can even fit into my wedding dress,” she smiles.

To learn more, call Agnesian Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Services, 1088 S. Main Street in Fond du Lac, at (920) 926-8614 or Obstetrics/Gynecology at (920) 926-8450.

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