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Alzheimer's Disease Support Groups

A support group that helps families and caregivers cope with the challenges of Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

Bereavement Care & Grief Relief Support Groups

Through Agnesian HealthCare’s Bereavement Services, support is available during this grieving process to individuals and their families following the death of a loved one.  All services are offered at no charge and are available to any individual or group who has experienced the death of a family member or friend.

We offer both closed and open groups.

Brain Injury Support Groups

This brain injury support group allows people with brain injuries and their family members to meet others who are in similar situations, gain valuable emotional support from one another, form friendships and obtain information and resources.


It offers an opportunity for both people who have suffered a brain injury and their family members to discuss the difficulties and hardships they are facing, as well as their successes.

Breastfeeding Support Group

Meet with other breastfeeding mothers and their babies in a comfortable and supportive environment and discuss various aspects of breastfeeding. Led by a Certified Lactation Consultant, these get-togethers will boost confidence, help develop skills and lend support to breastfeeding mothers.

Cancer Support Groups

The Agnesian Cancer Center offers a variety of support groups to guide patients and families through cancer. Many women and men who have been diagnosed with cancer have found that joining a support group helps them manage the wide range of feelings and fears they experience during and after their cancer treatment. Support groups also help family members and friends handle the countless emotions a loved one's cancer diagnosis can evoke.

Cardiac Care Support Groups

If you or a loved one has experienced a cardiac event, it is sure to impact your life in many ways. That’s why Agnesian HealthCare offers its cardiac support groups: to help you sort through and handle the lifestyle changes that a cardiac event can bring. Many join the group because it is comforting to know that they are not alone.

Cardiac support group meetings are facilitated by representatives from St.Agnes Hospital and Ripon Medical Center's cardiac rehabilitation department. Our facilitators are trained, compassionate professionals who have worked with cardiac patients and their families for years. Participants are able to share their experience and to gain insight from others.

Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance

Peer led support & education group for people with depression or bipolar disorder.

Diabetes Support Groups

Agnesian HealthCare offers support for patients diagnosed with diabetes and their families. Together, people with diabetes share their concerns and experiences related to living with diabetes. The support group also provides a forum for individuals coping with diabetes challenges to obtain help and advice from one another, as well as from healthcare professionals. 

Dialysis Support Groups

The mission of this support group is to provide a venue for dialysis patients to come together, share experiences and learn from one another.

Domestic Violence Support Groups

Agnesian HealthCare offers support for victims of domestic violence, as well as to family and friends of the person being abused. 

Eating Disorders Support Group

Individuals (18 and older) – who are maintaining a healthy weight and/or compliant with their meal plan (if on one), and in recovery from an eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia or binge eating) – are invited to attend this free support group to assist them during their recovery from eating disorders. This group is not intended for those struggling severely or who have relapsed.

Mom & Baby Club

Agnesian HealthCare invites new parents to attend a free support group, "Mom & Baby Club." This group is designed for parents and their newborn (from birth to five months), to share questions and concerns about issues that arise during the unpredictable weeks and months following birth, including: infant care, expectations, exercise and diet, intimacy and more!  

Multiple Scleroris Support Group

The Agnesian HealthCare Multiple Sclerosis support group provides patients with MS and their families an opportunity to share their experiences with those who can understand and identify with them.  Support group meetings are designed to be educational, fun, and positive.

Ostomy Support Group

This support group presents an open and inviting atmosphere to ask questions, share tips and discuss relevant topics.

Palliative Care Support Groups

The diagnosis of a serious illness is a major life-changing event. Upon hearing the diagnosis, a patient, as well as loved ones, may be thrown into a whirlwind of emotions ranging from fear or anger to denial and overwhelming sadness. It is difficult enough to deal with the physical challenges of illness and treatment, but the emotional impact 
can be an even greater burden. 


Patients and loved ones need a “safe place” where they can share these feelings with other people who truly understand. Our Palliative Care support group is designed to provide a confidential atmosphere where patients can discuss any stress with others experiencing a similar situation.

Positive Parenting Class

Parents of toddlers and pre-schoolers are invited to learn how to best perform the difficult but incredibly rewarding job of parenting through a series of four sessions that will help parents discipline children and encourage them to feel positive about themselves and become the winners they were meant to be.

Sleep Apnea Support Group

The Sleep Apnea Support Group meets regularly to provide peer support for people with sleep apnea and their families.

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