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Request an Appointment with Agnesian HealthCare

To request an appointment with any of our providers, please complete the following form or give us call at (844) 225-0147.

Our appointment hotline is available 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

Patients with eHealth

If you are a current patient and an eHealth user and would like to request an appointment for a physical, followup or office visit, please schedule your request through eHealth.

New Patients

We'll be glad to help find the right doctor for you. You can:

  • Call (844) 225-0147 to request an appointment.
  • Search online using a variety of criteria with our online directory.
  • Use our online form below to request a call for an appointment.

If you call outside of our normal hours of operation, please leave a message with your name, preferred phone number and name of the provider with whom you wish to schedule an appointment. We will respond to voice and e-mail messages within one business day.

If this is an emergency, please visit your closest emergency room or call 911.

Sharing Protected Health Information

Aside from your name and contact information, please refrain from entering any unnecessary PHI (Protected Health Information – This includes date of birth, date of service, social security number, medical record number, or any other unique personal identifiers).  Please also be aware that using the online contact form is not intended to provide personal medical advice.  We recommend that you contact your primary care provider regarding any medical questions.   

Are You Currently Using eHealth?

If you are a current Agnesian HealthCare patient, and you are signed up for Agnesian eHealth, you can use your account to request an appointment with a provider. 

Find a Doctor/Provider

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