Jonathan Lerman


By Darold Treffert, MD

Jonathan Lerman’s mother described Jonathan as a normal, happy child who began to "slip away" into autism at about age 2. At age 3, he was given a diagnosis of Autistic Pervasive Developmental Disorder with many of the symptoms and behaviors associated with Autistim Spectrum Disorders.

Jonathan's remarkable artistic ability emerged quite unexpectedly at age 10. By age 14, Jonathan had several art shows of his own, and a 2002 New York Times article gave his work national visibility.

In 2002 critic Lyle Rexer released an insightful book about Jonathan Lerman and his extraordinary art. It contains 50 of Jonathan’s drawings, and chronicles his progress as an artist since the emergence of this remarkable artistic talent at age 10. An afterword by Jonathan’s mother, Caren, provides more insightful context for the artwork certainly, but additionally, it also provides a very sensitive context for the artist himself — Jonathan — through the eyes of his mother. A copy of the book is housed in the Treffert Library.

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