Agnesian HealthCare is a proud sponsor of CaringBridge, a charitable non-profit organization providing free web sites that connect families and friends when someone is facing a serious health event, care and recovery.

CaringBridge is made possible thanks to a donation from the Agnesian HealthCare Foundation. To show your support or to learn more about the Agnesian HealthCare Foundation, call (920) 926-4959.

A CaringBridge web site saves time and energy by centralizing communication and easing the burden of updating everyone during a health event.

CaringBridge can be used during all types of serious health events. Each web site is unique – authors select their web site design and add health updates and photos to share their story. Visitors leave messages of love and support in the guestbook.

CaringBridge connects a patient’s entire community, creating a network of support for everyone involved. It empowers love, compassion and healing by building a therapeutic connection that reduces isolation, relieves stress and enhances quality of life.

For more information or to create your own CaringBridge web site, visit