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RMC therapy team members enhance lymphedema therapy services
September 12, 2013

Lymphedema services at Ripon Medical Center are being enhanced through additional training and certification by two Ripon Medical Center therapy team members.

Jennie Kitelinger, MOT, OTR, CLT, has received additional training as a certified lymphedema therapist (six years of experience), while Wendy Hanson, COTA offers three years of specialized lymphedema training in Lymph Draining Therapy, as developed by Bruno Chikly, MD.

Lymphedema occurs when the natural drainage function of the lymphatic system is impaired, often by cancer treatment, trauma or genetic predisposition, and fluid builds up in the tissues. That build up - lymphedema - can lead to stiffness, pain and infection.

Comprehensive lymphedema management services at Ripon Medical Center are designed to help those with lymphedema or venous insufficiency, gain control of their lives. Services are designed to restore movement and strength to promote a return to a normal lifestyle through education, exercise, self-massage techniques and compression garments.

Services can help individuals with the following symptoms:

  • Swelling of the arm or chest wall after a lumpectomy or mastectomy.
  • Swelling of the leg after a prostatectomy or lymph node removal.
  • Swelling of the legs due to a venous insufficiency.
  • Primary lymphedema due to a congenital defect in the lymphatic system.

Both associates have received training in Lymph Draining Therapy, which helps healthcare professionals palpate the lymphatic flow. Using their skills, they can identify the rhythm, direction and quality of the lymphatic flow to precisely map the lymphatic flow to find alternate pathways for drainage. Lymph Drainage Therapy evolved from years of training in traditional medicine, Asian medical practices and manual therapies.

Learn more about lymphedema and other therapy services at Ripon Medical Center by calling (920) 738-9138.

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