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Your Questions Answered

  • Where is a good place to eat the night before the race?    There are plenty of restaurants with in 15 minutes of the race course.  The closest is Christianos Pizza located 2 miles from the GLCC which has a variety of Italian cuisine including spaghetti of course. 
  • I signed up for the long course, can I switch races? Of course.   Your safety and enjoyment is our main concern, just let the race staff know what your plans our when you pick up your race packet, either on Saturday night or Race morning.  We prefer to make this change on Saturday however.
  • How is the water quality? Green Lake is a beautiful spring fed lake that has great visibility and very few weeds. 
  • What if I need something for my bike on race day? Wheel and Sprocket will be on site race morning.  They will have limited supplies so plan accordingly.
  • What wave am I in?  The number of waves will be dependent upon the number of participants in a certain category.  The waves follow this general order.  Long course men, Long Course women and team, Short course men, short course women and teams.  Last year the short course men was split into two waves and divided by age.  Each wave is 2 minutes apart with a 4 min space between long and short course. 
  • What type of surface is the run course?  The 5K run course takes place on blacktopped roads.  The long course has some gravel but its packed, unlike previous years.
  • Can I register on Race Day?  Yes, race day registration is open until 7am.  The last couple of years we have grown more then expected so we may have to mail you your t-shirt. 
  • Can I rack my bike the night before?  While the transition area will be set up, there is no security overnight.

Triathlon Advice

Transitional Setup:
The transition area is separated by gender and race distance.  Getting there earlier will help choose the spot best for you.  Most racers prefer to run more after the swim and less with their bikes, so a spot near the bike out is preferred. 

Race start is based on waves which you will learn about on race morning. Try to pick a starting point on the beach that suits you.  Strong swimmer, get a front position, average swimmer, pick something near the edges, if you are not a strong swimmer, take a spot at the back.  The best advice for the nervous swimmer, rent a wetsuit from Xterra Wetsuit.  You wont want to race again without one!

Watch other racers, especially those tall skinny people with the $5000 bikes, they know how to set up a transition area.

Start out at a reasonable pace, our bike course goes up for the first mile.  Don't get too excited and max your heart rate out in the first mile.  Relish in those you pass and ignore the ones that pass you

Starting conservative until your legs come back is best.  Take advantage of the water stations.

General Race Day Tips:
Never eat or drink something on race day you haven’t tried in training.  We use Hammer Gel and HEED sports drink at our aid stations. 

There are several super sprint triathlons through out the state that occur before our race.  Take advantage of these to perfect your transitions and build confidence.

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