What is palliative care?

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Connie & John Kunkle

What is Palliative Care?

Agnesian HealthCare appreciates sharing this inspiring story following the recent passing of John Kunkle. 

While many people know that Hospice Hope assists the terminally-ill person during the final months of life, not everyone is aware of Palliative Care - a healthcare service that is appropriate at any stage of a complex illness. Unlike Hospice Hope, Palliative Care can include curative treatments. Hospice care is recommended when the curative measures to treat a serious illness are no longer effective. Both types of care are provided at Agnesian HealthCare and can be administered in the patient’s home or in the hospital setting.

“The Palliative Care team worked with us as John’s dementia progressed,” says Connie Kunkle whose husband John was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease this year. “They came into our home to assess John and our situation, talked to us and let us know where to go for various services such as finding a wheelchair. They were also very comforting in helping us prepare mentally for what was ahead of us. Palliative care workers served as the intermediary contact between us and the doctor.”

“Generally, patients who have a serious, though not necessarily terminal, illness benefit from Palliative Care,” says Andy Land, a registered nurse who serves as director of Hospice & Palliative Care Services at Agnesian HealthCare.

“If you or your loved one has a serious medical condition, then you qualify for Palliative Care,” says Palliative Care, report a higher level of satisfaction with their overall care, Land says. “These patients tend to live longer than those who don’t get this kind of attention.”

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