What do I need to know about a lift chair?

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A lift chair is a device that gradually lifts the person to a standing position or gradually descends the person into a sitting position without causing any injuries. Most lift chairs plug directly into the wall, but feature a backup power supply that is activated when the power goes out. Many elderly and those who suffer from arthritis or limited mobility find lift chairs to be the answer. There is virtually no limit in style and comfort in today's lift chairs. Whether you are 4'9" and weigh 85 pounds or 6'5" and weigh 500 pounds, there is a lift chair to fit you.

Lift chairs come in many styles and sizes. Being properly fitted is very important for safety. One size does not fit all. Each chair is made for certain height and weight capacities. A Medicare approved provider is trained in fitting each client accurately. Come to the Agnesian Health Shoppe and try the chairs out. No one would purchase a regular recliner without trying it out first. Lift chairs that are well made usually have a good warranty. Ask about the warranty on each chair and how the chairs are serviced. The Agnesian Health Shoppe will service all lift chairs and may provide free a loaner lift chair if needed. Our showroom has six to eight Pride lift chairs displayed each has a seven-year warranty prorated with a lifetime limited on the lift mechanism shell and recline mechanism. Feet should be on the floor when the chair is in a seated position. When the chair is rising, feet should not be dangling!

Lift chairs offer various reclining positions that can relieve discomfort on pressure point areas or relieve back pain. Lift chairs can be designed to recline flat and provide a comfortable place to sleep. Many people can benefit from lift chairs, particularly those who struggle with stability, leg or back weakness. Lift chairs promote independence as it allows them to remain in their home, without the assistance of others to remain active and move as they please. Lift chairs have made a huge impact on not only those who are physically disabled, but also on their families.

Safety is a constant concern, for the patient and caregiver alike. A lift chair can help take some of the burden off of the caregiver. If a person is able use a lift chair recliner to function more independently, that frees up more time for a caregiver to take care of other chores. Lift chairs, with their specially designed structure, and easy to operate hand controls can be a key tool in preventing not only patient, but caregiver injuries. The Agnesian Health Shoppe can also bill Medicare or a private insurance plan that could pay part of the cost of the lift chair. In our retail showroom we have a wide variety of styles and colors of lift chairs that our trained DME specialist can assist customers to find the right lift chair that can improve their quality of life.

During November, all lift chairs are 25 percent off, Dr. Comfort Shoes are 25 percent off and SADD lights are 10 percent off. The Agnesian Health Shoppe is located at 327 Winnebago Drive in Fond du Lac. You can call us at (920) 926-5277 or visit agnesianhealthshoppe.com.

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