Protect Your Skin When Outdoors This Winter

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Protect Your Skin When Outdoors This Winter

Figuring out what to wear when you are going to be outdoors in the winter can be difficult sometimes. While it is cold outside, you may be doing an activity that will cause you to be warm, such as running, skiing, an outdoor workout or shoveling.

Your fingers and toes are furthest away from your heart and, therefore, need the most protection. Make sure to wear waterproof shoes so that feet can stay dry. Well-insulated socks and shoes or wool socks are also great to stay warm.  Gloves or mittens should be worn to protect hands from the harsh air, but be sure to avoid materials that get wet easily.

A great deal of body heat escapes through your head. While wearing a headband or earmuffs is great to protect your ears, ideally you’ll want to have a hat on to keep yourself warm and well-insulated. Another option is a facemask/hat combo. This covers the top of your head and ears like a hat would but also wraps down to cover your nose, mouth and neck to protect more of your skin from the harsh cold air. Not only will this help keep you warm but it will also warm the air you breathe in which helps eliminate that sting of breathing in that cold, crisp air.

Does all this sound a lot like you are going to be sweating doing your outdoor activity? Be sure your base layers are made of dry wick materials. This will help wick away all the sweat and moisture to keep you comfortable so you can continue to enjoy your activity while also protecting your skin.

Cover up and embrace this winter!

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