Part 2: Being prepared when you are expecting

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Last week we provided a list of 10 questions to ask your insurance company focused on the coverage of the birth of your child(ren).  There are also some questions you may want to ask related to your newborn(s) prior to the birth.  Having these questions answered will give you time to focus on caring for your newborn once he/she arrives!

  1. How do I get my baby added to my insurance policy? Is there a time limit?
  2. Do I need to select a primary care physician (pediatrician or family practitioner) for my baby?
  3. How does my policy cover well-baby exams? Is there a dollar limit for coverage of well-baby exams?
  4. How does my policy cover immunizations covered? Is there a dollar limit for coverage of immunizations?
  5. In the case of an emergency, where would my infant need to be transferred (which preferred providers have a neonatal ICU)?
Being prepared ahead of time will allow you to fully enjoy the birth of your baby.  Remember, if your insurance coverage changes during your pregnancy, you will need to reassess this information.  Contact the Clinic Financial Counselors if you need assistance in understanding any of these questions or in understanding your insurance company’s responses.


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