Overcoming common children's sleep concerns

Jennifer Specht
child sleeping

Sleep tends to be a common concern among parents.  Many children have difficulties falling asleep and get up multiple times after they are put in bed with numerous excuses.  There are a few recommendations that can be followed to ease these difficulties.

  • Establish a set bedtime and stick to as much as possible, even on the weekends and during summer
  • Establish a bedtime routine.  This is a set list of activities that are expected to be completed every night, such as brushing teeth, using the restroom, washing hands, putting pajamas on, etc.  These tasks should be done in the same order every night, starting at almost the same time every night, to help the brain and body know it is time to go to sleep
  • If your child gets up multiple times, take them back to their bed without talking to them or looking at them and then, once they are in bed, remind them they are supposed to be going to sleep.  The only exception is if a trip to the bathroom is needed.  If that is the case, make sure it is part of the bedtime routine above and completed nightly.
  • As with any new routine or habit being started, remember it can take a few weeks before it works consistently

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