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The start of the year brings a lot of “new” to many of us: New Year, new resolutions, and the start of a new deductible. For individuals who inject insulin on a daily basis, the cost of medication while in the deductible period can be a very pressing time in finding a way to cover the cost. Fortunately, there are options available to patients.

Many drug manufacturers offer savings cards to help offset the cost of their medication to patients on commercial insurance plans. If you have federal or state funded insurance such as Medicare, Tricare, and Medicaid, you are not eligible for savings. Individuals who currently purchase their insurance through the Marketplace Exchange as part of the Affordable Care Act are eligible to receive the savings card.

Patients who take insulin have options in saving money from different manufacturers. Lantus Solostar and Toujeo Solostar offer a savings card that could bring your copay as low as $10. They have a limit of 3 packs per fill, but do offer a maximum savings of $500 regardless of the formulary status on your insurance plan. You can sign up for the savings card for Lantus here: and Toujeo here: For those individuals who currently do not have prescription coverage, the savings card does offer savings of $200 per pack on Toujeo and $100 savings per pack on Lantus.

Novo Nordisk manufactures an array of medications for diabetic patients. They offer a maximum savings of $100 per each 30 day supply prescription of Levemir FlexPen, Novolog Mix 70/30 FlexPen, Novolog, and also Victoza. You can sign up for the savings card here: Once activated, you can receive savings for 24 months. Patients may also be eligible to receive a prescription of Novo Nordisk needles free after activating the card.

Individuals who are experiencing financial hardships may be able to receive insulin through the Lily Cares Program. If your insurance does not cover the medication and you meet Lily’s household income limit, you may be able to receive Humalog or Humulin free of charge. Your physician would need to submit documentation and the insulin will ship directly to the provider’s office for the patient to pick up. More information on the program can be found here:

Call or stop by any Agnesian Pharmacy or Prescription Center and the staff can help assist in registering for a savings card or answer any questions you may have on your prescriptions.

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