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Lori and husband

It quickly becomes apparent in conversations with Todd and Lori Machmueller, Ripon residents who will both be celebrating their 57th birthdays in August, that they appreciate the many benefits of having Ripon Medical Center and its skilled and compassionate providers right within their own community.

The couple has been receiving primary care services for many years from Richard Gauthier, MD, a family medicine physician at Ripon Medical Center, and readily share their enthusiasm for orthopedic services they have both benefited from through Jeffrey Meincke, MD, orthopedic surgeon.

“Ripon is so fortunate as a smaller community to have such a great orthopedist and team,” Lori says. “We are so grateful. From the moment you enter the hospital, everyone is so kind and genuine. They know my name and make you feel good to be there. I never feel any apprehension.”

A retired special education teacher and now Department of Health & Human Services employee, Lori started her journey with Dr. Meincke more than five years ago as she was struggling with right knee pain. “I could hardly step on it; it took my breath away,” Lori recalls. An X-ray showed bone on bone and in February 2020, she underwent a total knee replacement with Dr. Meincke.

“The results were remarkable,” she says. “It was a great outcome. In a little over a year, it was easy to forget I even had the procedure done.”

Lori’s osteoarthritis, which is genetic, has also brought left hip pain over the past 20 years. An MRI with Dr. Meincke showed bone on bone, and in August 2020, she underwent a total hip replacement with Dr. Meincke. “Within a week, I was walking without assistance around the house,” Lori says. “I just had a recent check with Dr. Meincke, and everything is great. I would recommend this staff to anyone.

“From the moment you first meet, Dr. Meincke and his team talk to you like you’re somebody they know,” Lori adds. “When Dr. Meincke walks in to your exam room, you don’t feel like you are bothering him and he doesn’t leave until all your questions are answered.”

For Todd, Dr. Meincke was there for him as he was struggling with right knee pain. When cortisone shots and other treatments weren’t working, Todd underwent a right knee replacement and was walking several blocks to the grocery store with no issues a short time later, and even upon his return to work at Alliance Laundry.

Ripon Medical Center’s physical therapy team was there for both Todd and Lori, helping them return to function after both knee procedures.

To learn more about orthopedic services at Ripon Medical Center, visit agnesian.com/ortho.

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