Foundation for Ripon Medical Center donations benefit school nurse, police programs

Shelly Haberman

Thanks to strong support from the Ripon area community, The Foundation for Ripon Medical Center is helping to fund two local programs that will enhance the health and well-being of individuals and families served by both.

A $6,000 grant has been given to the Ripon Area School District to help in its efforts to become designated as a Project Adam and Heart Safe School, which will allow school staff to respond to cardiac emergencies within its facilities in an appropriate and timely manner.

The funds will provide the resources to meet stringent requirements, including annual drills, emergency response plan maintenance, AED signage and more.

“With all of these requirements in place, the safety of our staff, students and families will be greater,” says Bonnie Fischer, RN, BSN, school nurse. “We will be able to conduct drills, and be ready for real-life application if needed thanks to AED trainers within the schools. We also want our AEDs easy to find so we will be expanding our signs beyond the actual AED location. Baby CPR manikins will also enhance our overall training efforts.”

With a $4,500 grant, the City of Ripon Police Department will be training two officers in crisis intervention.

“This training is designed to improve the outcomes of police interventions with people living with mental illnesses,” according to Sgt. Lindsey Michels, City of Ripon Police Department. “Effective programs are based on strong relationships between law enforcement, mental health providers, families and people living with mental illness. This is a long-standing, evolving partnership based on mutual goals, which will help the mental health needs of people in our community.”

The Foundation for Ripon Medical Center serves to enhance the health of the people of the greater Ripon area by lending its financial support to Ripon Medical Center, as well as community programs and services that are beneficial to all.

“We are so very blessed in our community to have such generous supporters that we are able to meet overall community needs both through Ripon Medical Center services and programs, but also with our strong community partners,” according to Holly Brenner, executive director of The Foundation for Ripon Medical Center. “We are so grateful for the initiatives brought forward by both the Ripon Area School District and City of Ripon Police Department, and know that these exciting opportunities will help to strengthen and enhance the offerings available in the Ripon area.”

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