Fond du Lac resident back to enjoying family, outdoors

Ron Bieri

Life has certainly been brighter for Ron Bieri, 74, of Fond du Lac, following first class care from Luke Fraundorf, MD, an orthopedic surgeon with Agnesian HealthCare’s Fond du Lac Regional Clinic.

After having successful right shoulder surgery more than six years ago, Ron - being left handed - was experiencing left shoulder pain, especially when raising his arm over his head or in certain positions. Repetitive movements were bothersome, and his shoulder would sometimes “lock” which was painful.

Following extensive research, Ron scheduled a consultation with Dr. Fraundorf. An X-ray and MRI showed an injury to the top of his biceps tendon. In order to avoid potential detachment, surgery was decided on.

“The process was purely collaborative,” Ron recalls. “Dr. Fraundorf answered all of my questions and included me in the decision-making process. I understood what I would be able to do once my surgery and rehab was completed. He assured me that I’d be back doing daily activities pain free. Dr. Fraundorf exudes confidence, which helped to put my mind at ease.”

Ron’s surgery was done in December 2020 and he was fully recovered in just a few months, and after 23 physical therapy visits. His surgery was done during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, which presented challenges with visitation and transportation from his wife.

“The staff at Agnesian HealthCare was great relaying messages to her, and helped her pick me up after surgery,” according to Ron. “The anesthesiologist was tremendous. He explained to me exactly what he was going to do and even talked with me about wrestling and other hobbies the two of us share. I’ve never had an anesthesiologist come talk to me before.”

Ron’s recovery process was bolstered through physical therapy services. “Samantha (Helgesen), the physical therapist, was just awesome! During our 20 visits, she had me doing the very best exercises to get me back to 100%. The entire recovery process was positive because everyone involved was positive and did everything they could to get me back doing everything I wanted to do.”

Ron is doing extremely well, and is back playing with his grandchildren, especially playing catch with his grandson. Now, Ron is traveling to watch his grandkids play sports, and he is enjoying water skiing and hiking, and is doing a 50-mile bike race with his son this summer.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with my care,” Ron says. “You not only get Dr. Fraundorf, you get his entire team. He’s an outstanding doctor. You feel like you are what is most important to him. When he’s with you, you are all that matters.”

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