Adult Day Services: supporting families, creating peace of mind

Shelly Haberman
Kathy Vetter

They say family is everything. They love you unconditionally and are there to support you in good times and in tough times.

The same is true for Kathy Vetter, of Fond du Lac, and her family. Kathy and her family are there to provide loving support to their parents - Joan and Ken Kunstmann.

Here is Kathy’s personal story as she worked with her family to find the right resources as her mom is experiencing dementia. St. Agnes Hospital Adult Day Services has provided a wonderful experience and great peace of mind.

My mom has dementia and my dad is her primary caregiver. As a family, we were in search of some additional help for my dad. I had several co-workers that mentioned Adult Day Services. My mother was hesitant to agree to anything outside of the house, always assuming we were looking at nursing homes. My dad agreed to start with the support group once a month and my mom came with him "for his meeting." Things went well, and sometimes she was engaged with whatever activity was going on. 

When we needed to plan for a procedure that would take my dad away from mom, my immediate reaction was that we needed to get her going weekly, so she was familiar. 

What a blessing we have right under our noses! Julie Schwartz, supervisor, and all the staff at Adult Day Services are fantastic. They are so cheerful, helpful, kind, caring and on and on, truly amazing.  My mother has gone two to four days since the beginning of May. She loves being there, they love having her and we are so grateful for this service! We drive around the corner and as soon as she sees the building she has said, "Oh that's my house, I work there and I like it here." How comforting to know that she is as comfortable with the staff and people as she is at home.

I have tried for months to get my mom to allow me to trim or file her nails...nope not happening. Staff at Adult Day Services got it done for us and painted too! The greeting she gets when we walk in is beyond anything I would have expected. How wonderful to be greeted by smiling faces and a "Hi Joan," she giggles every time. 

Here is my advice for anyone questioning this process or just unsure how it will work. It will be a transition. Your family member may want to leave or not go back. Stay the course and follow through; it will be worth it. It’s important for those that need the service, but it’s also important for the family caregivers. They are safe here, they are wanted here, they are loved here.

Thank you and God Bless!


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