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Performance Excellence

Strong quality measures prove that our commitment is making a positive impact on the lives of our communities. Quality is exemplified here in many ways:

We see it in their more than 100 years of supporting the development and growth of what the Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes started in 1896, and in their continued trust, their comments and their loyalty. We invite you to share in the quality experiences only Agnesian HealthCare can offer. 

Transparency is needed in healthcare for consumers to find quality care. At Agnesian HealthCare, we continually raise the bar on quality and have been recognized as one of Wisconsin’s leading healthcare systems. Our quality numbers are a clear indication of our strengths and our commitment. Just as quality decisions can only be made with transparency, improvement can only happen with measurement.

Accessing Quality Outcomes

Wisconsin health care systems want to be accountable for the care they provide to their patients, and they want the citizens of Wisconsin to learn more about their own health care. Consumers need access to facts that can help them make informed health care decisions. In addition, the data can be used to improve care within health care systems through benchmarking and sharing of best practices.

You can access our quality outcomes by visiting the following websites.

Accessing Hospital Quality:

Accessing Clinic Quality:



When it comes to quality healthcare, you probably want to know whether your healthcare organization is doing the right things - and doing them well. That’s why you may be interested in something called accreditation. It’s a way for healthcare providers to make sure they’re meeting national quality standards when it comes to your care and safety. Some of our accreditations are listed below.



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Agnesian HealthCare now joins the ranks of an elite group of Ambulatory and Inpatient Health Systems (est. 20% in the country) who have successfully adopted EHR technology to improve the quality of care we give, improve patient outcomes, and improve population health.

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